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The International Master’s Program (IMAP) in Japanese Humanities

The IMAP in Japanese Humanities is a master’s program offered to a select group of international and local students. It features the study of Japan with courses in the fields of history, art history and visual culture, premodern languages, religion, geography, linguistics, and other facets of the humanities.

The IMAP in Japanese Humanities is unique in that it offers graduate-level courses in English while situated within a graduate school with a full roster of courses taught in Japanese. Courses are offered in several areas of Japanese humanities and cover all historical periods; however, the emphasis is on premodern Japan and its relationship to East Asia. In addition to core curriculum and elective courses offered by the IMAP program, students may register in Japanese- or English-taught courses across Kyushu University and thus benefit from the rich intellectual life at the university. The program is further characterized by closely supervised instruction and small seminars that are customized to meet the long-term academic goals of each student. There are also courses in field-specific methodologies, research methods, and premodern Japanese (kanbun and bungo). Students may choose to enroll primarily in courses within a single field or study broadly across the humanities. All students write a thesis in English under the guidance of an academic advisor. The program features rigorous seminars, proximity to cultural and historical resources, and full access to the educational benefits and facilities of a world-class Japanese university.

Applicant profiles and interests vary. Candidates with an undergraduate degree (BA) who seek a graduate degree (MA) in one or more subjects within the Japanese humanities, or candidates who already hold an MA but who desire further training are welcome to apply. Although there is no Japanese-language requirement, Japanese language skills are essential in many of the careers that students choose to pursue after graduating. We strongly encourage students to develop their Japanese-language skills before and during the program by enrolling in language courses.

Contact Information

Gakusei Dai-Ichi Kakari (the Student Affairs Section)
Graduate School of Humanities
Kyushu University
6-19-1, Hakozaki, Higashi-ku Fukuoka, 812-8581 JAPAN
FAX: +81(0)92-642-3165

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