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Japan: Arts and Visual Cultures
Japan: Arts and Visual Cultures
Sub Title  Japanese Art History and Visual Culture, 600–1800
Professor Cynthea BOGEL
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2018 SpringTerm
weekly Tue2
Ito G30 Classroom
E科目 (English, English)
Course Overview Through a study of the history, statues, paintings, buildings, and other arts and material culture of Japan, 6th through 18th century, course participants will acquire and develop practical specialist knowledge and skills needed for further research in premodern and early modern Japanese art and cultural history.

Sessions will introduce important cultural moments and monuments that have come to define Japan and critique the historiography of their reception. It will introduce examples of paintings, statues, gardens, temples, shrines, and issues relating to culture and artistic production, with the goal of providing a window as to why art and culture are produced and how they have functioned throughout Japanese history.

Lectures will discuss works and sites in detail, contextualizing not only the works in history but also the scholarship on the study of Japanese art, architecture, and visual culture broadly through consideration of the historiography and East Asian and Indian arts.
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授業形態(項目) 授業形態(内容)
Problem-Based Learning (問題発見・解決型学習)
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Textbooks : Penelope Mason E., and Donald Dinwiddie. History of Japanese Art (Second edition, Prentice Hall, 2004). Be sure to purchase the second edition, not the first. This text is available for purchase online. PDFs of all chapters are also on the kenkyūshitsu computer. There is also one copy in the kenkyūshitsu library. I strongly recommend that you purchase the book. At the very least, spend time in the library with the book and look at the many books in the KKS library and the Joan bunkō related to key works. Many are copiously illustrated art compendia.
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Tentative Weekly Schedules Lecture Exercise, Field trip etc. Comments, suggestions for the course preparation, review, etc.

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Course Objectives
かなり優れている 優れている 及第である 一層の努力が必要
Historiography and criticism
These methods will enable students to relate the study of art history and visual culture to other fields and modern research methods.
GPA Evaluation
授業を通じて、総じて「かなり優れている」に相当する活動を行った。 授業を通じて、概ね「優れている」を超える活動を行った。 授業を通じて、「及第する」に相当する活動を行った。 授業を通じて、総じて「及第する」には達しないものの、それに近い活動を行った。 授業を通じて、「一層の努力が必要」の活動にとどまった。
Evaluation Method

Historiography and criticism
Grading Percentage, Disqualification etc.

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