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(Credit 2)
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Intended School: IMAP History students
Topics in Japanese History IV
Topics in Japanese History IV
Sub Title  History and Classroom Technology
Associate Professor Ellen VAN GOETHEM
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2019 SpringTerm
weekly Thu2
Ito B-102 Classroom
E科目 (English, その他)
Course Overview This seminar is intended to prepare History students for future careers as academics and/or educators. Technology is a major part of our lives and even though students are well informed about the databases and other technological tools essential to their research, they are less familiar with the vast array of interactive tools and applications that allow them to share their research findings more effectively and efficiently in academic or educational settings.
Through this course, students will discover various scholarly uses of technology and further hone their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They will experiment with a wide variety of online and offline tools to enhance their oral and written presentations and will explore strategies to increase audience participation. Moreover, students will learn how to tailor information to the distinct needs of different audiences and to deliver historical narratives in new and interesting ways.
Each student will work on a specific era within Japanese history throughout the course and will develop teaching and lecture modules, create digital timelines, develop interactive maps, etc.
Keywords : classroom technology, presentation strategies, interactive tools, applications
Prerequisites :
Required Ability :
授業形態(項目) 授業形態(内容)
Problem-Based Learning (問題発見・解決型学習)
Moodle の使用
Textbooks : No textbook is used
Reference Books :
Course Handouts : All handouts will be uploaded to Dropbox
Course Plan
Tentative Weekly Schedules Lecture Exercise, Field trip etc. Comments, suggestions for the course preparation, review, etc.
1 April 11 See syllabus for details (10:30-12:00)
2 April 19 (Friday) See syllabus for details (10:00-12:30)
3 April 25 See syllabus for details (10:00-12:30)
4 May 9 See syllabus for details (10:00-12:30)
5 May 23 See syllabus for details (10:00-12:30)
6 May 30 See syllabus for details (10:00-12:30)
7 June 6 See syllabus for details (10:00-12:30)
8 June 13 See syllabus for details (10:00-12:30)
9 June 20 See syllabus for details (10:00-12:30)

Suggestion for success (Specific) :
Study Consultation (Office Hours) : Please contact the course instructor via email to set up an appointment
Course Objectives
かなり優れている 優れている 及第である 一層の努力が必要
MP_A-a [先行研究の理解]
Students will have thorough knowledge of the historiography of their research and teaching topic
Able to create module(s) with no factual errors. Able to create module(s) with small factual errors. Able to create module(s) with few factual errors. Significant factual errors.
MP_B2-a [総合把握力]
Students will be familiar with and able to apply various research and teaching methodologies and will be able to tailor their presentations to the specific needs of different audiences.
Able to use appropriate technologies to create module(s) with outstanding multimedia. Able to use appropriate technologies to create module(s) with sufficient/interesting multimedia. Able to use appropriate technologies to create module(s) with minimal multimedia. Significant problems with uses of technology and multimedia.
MP_B2-c [問題解決能力]
Students will know various strategies to deal with specific problems
MP_C-c [リーダーシップ]
Students will have the confidence to create lectures, to guide training sessions, and to convey information to others
GPA Evaluation
授業を通じて、総じて「かなり優れている」に相当する活動を行った。 授業を通じて、概ね「優れている」を超える活動を行った。 授業を通じて、「及第する」に相当する活動を行った。 授業を通じて、総じて「及第する」には達しないものの、それに近い活動を行った。 授業を通じて、「一層の努力が必要」の活動にとどまった。
Evaluation Method
Grading Percentage, Disqualification etc.
In-class contribution 50%
Creations 50%

Additional Information regarding Evaluation Method : Each session will be run as a workshop with students showcasing the progress they have made in creating teaching materials, timelines, maps, etc.
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