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Topics in Japanese Literature II
Topics in Japanese Literature II
Sub Title  Reading the Tale of Genji
Assistant Professor Ashton LAZARUS
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2019 SpringTerm
weekly Mon2
Ito B-106 Classroom
E科目 (English, English)
Course Overview This course explores Murasaki Shikibu’s The Tale of Genji, a lengthy and complex work of fiction that depicts the lives of aristocrats at the Heian court. We will read all fifty-four chapters of the tale and consider how it illuminates a variety of topics including authorship, gender and sexuality, narrative, intertextuality, the politics of culture, reception and translation, and the ontology of text. Students will gain a lasting familiarity with Genji—not only the eleventh-century text itself, but also its numerous transpositions into other media such as picture scrolls, wood-block prints, museum exhibits, films, and manga. Genji furthermore has a long, vibrant, international, and multilingual reception history, which we will explore by reading secondary writings from a variety of different times and places, both inside and outside the modern academy.
Keywords : Heian literature, The Tale of Genji, literary analysis
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授業形態(項目) 授業形態(内容)
Problem-Based Learning (問題発見・解決型学習)
Moodle の使用
Textbooks : The Tale of Genji (trans. Royall Tyler, unabridged, ISBN: 978-0142437148)
Reference Books : See syllabus
Course Handouts : Distributed via Dropbox
Course Plan
Tentative Weekly Schedules Lecture Exercise, Field trip etc. Comments, suggestions for the course preparation, review, etc.
1 Introduction
2 Chs. 1-5
3 Chs. 6-11
4 Chs. 12-17
5 Chs. 18-25
6 Chs. 26-33
7 The Tale of Genji Scrolls
8 Chs. 34-35
9 Chs. 36-41
10 Chs. 42-46
11 Chs. 47-49
12 Chs. 50-52
13 Chs. 53-54
14 The Tale of Genji and translation
15 The Tale of Genji and pop culture

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Course Objectives
かなり優れている 優れている 及第である 一層の努力が必要
MP_A-a [先行研究の理解]
Knowledge of previous scholarship
Excellent Good Pass Deficient
MP_A-b [芸術作品の理解]
Literary analysis
Excellent Good Pass Deficient
MP_B1-b [書誌の作成]
Excellent Good Pass Deficient
GPA Evaluation
授業を通じて、総じて「かなり優れている」に相当する活動を行った。 授業を通じて、概ね「優れている」を超える活動を行った。 授業を通じて、「及第する」に相当する活動を行った。 授業を通じて、総じて「及第する」には達しないものの、それに近い活動を行った。 授業を通じて、「一層の努力が必要」の活動にとどまった。
Evaluation Method
Grading Percentage, Disqualification etc.
In-class contribution

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