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Topics in Japanese Literature III
Topics in Japanese Literature III
Sub Title  Advanced Kobun
Assistant Professor Ashton LAZARUS
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2019 FallTerm
weekly Tue4
Ito D-108 Classroom
E科目 (English, 日本語)
Course Overview This course builds on skills developed in “Introduction to Kobun.” The focus will be on reading and translating a variety of literary texts from the 8th through 15th centuries. Students will gain exposure to a number of styles, including wabun, wakan konkōbun, and kanbun, as well as a number of different genres, from tales and diaries to belles-lettres to poetry. While readings have been chosen to align with materials covered in “Japan: A Literary History,” student research interests will be taken into account as we move through the syllabus.
Keywords : kobun, bungo, kanbun, kuzushiji, hentaigana
Prerequisites : Introduction to Kobun or equivalent
Required Ability :
授業形態(項目) 授業形態(内容)
Problem-Based Learning (問題発見・解決型学習)
Moodle の使用
Textbooks : No textbook is used. Readings will be distributed by the instructor.
Reference Books : Reference books related to literature and literary history are available in the IMAP Seminar Room.
Course Handouts : Handouts and supplementary materials will be uploaded to the course Dropbox.
Course Plan
Tentative Weekly Schedules Lecture Exercise, Field trip etc. Comments, suggestions for the course preparation, review, etc.
1 万葉集
2 古今和歌集
3 歌物語
4 枕草子、本朝文粋
5 源氏物語
6 源氏物語
7 梁塵秘抄、新古今和歌集
8 今昔物語集
9 宇治拾遺物語、沙石集
10 方丈記、徒然草
11 十六夜日記
12 平家物語
13 能楽
14 能楽論
15 御伽草子

Suggestion for success (Specific) :
Study Consultation (Office Hours) :
Course Objectives
かなり優れている 優れている 及第である 一層の努力が必要
MP_B1-a [一次資料の読解]
Students will learn strategies for reading, understanding, and interpreting premodern literary texts.
Excellent Good Pass Deficient
MP_B2-c [問題解決能力]
Students will develop their problem-solving skills through regular language drills.
Excellent Good Pass Deficient
Literary translation
Students will strengthen their ability to translate from classical Japanese into contemporary English.
Excellent Good Pass Deficient
GPA Evaluation
授業を通じて、総じて「かなり優れている」に相当する活動を行った。 授業を通じて、概ね「優れている」を超える活動を行った。 授業を通じて、「及第する」に相当する活動を行った。 授業を通じて、総じて「及第する」には達しないものの、それに近い活動を行った。 授業を通じて、「一層の努力が必要」の活動にとどまった。
Evaluation Method

Literary translation
Grading Percentage, Disqualification etc.
In-class contribution

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