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English Linguistics & Literature Major
Major (Credit 2)

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English Conversation I
English Conversation I
Sub Title  English Conversation 1
外国人教師 Edmundo Cruz LUNA
Numbering Code: LET-HUM2591E
Course Code: 18052406
2018 SpringTerm
weekly Tue5
Ito Classroom
E科目 (English, English)
Course Overview This course is designed to help you, the student, to further develop your conversational skills, especially as students of English as a Foreign Language. The conversational skills that will be taught and (hopefully) acquired will help you in whatever endeavor you decide to pursue in the English-speaking world. Thus, this course is designed to help you develop your language skills as well as your speaking skills. We will be covering the following topics: how to ensure that you are speaking with clarity and reasonable grammar, how to effectively tackle the difficulties of presenting in front of a group of people, how to use English idioms appropriately, how to distinguish between spoken and written language, and how to use all your acquired skills to speak with native speakers of English with confidence!
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