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Psychology Major
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Environmental Psychology I
Environmental Psychology I
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Professor NAKAMURA Tomoyasu
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2018 SpringTerm
weekly Mon3
Ito Classroom
J科目 (日本語, 日本語)
Course Overview The central theme of Miyazaki Hayao's works is "Just live!" throughout his career. This is consonant with the current issue of our nation for the younger generations and children with respect to the national agenda of "the power to live (IKIRU CHIKARA)." If such themes capture the shared concern of the older generations who have been through the post-World War II trial and hard wok period, we may be better off to face squarely with what exactly is meant by this IKIRU CHIKARA from theoretical and practical point of views.
Environmental Psychology is a discipline dealing with psychological problems involved in human interaction and "transaction" (as the environment and human-beings are not separable in the actual happenings) with the surrounding environments in relational and dynamic ways. No being can be possible without situated in the environment. Therefore being in interaction with the surrounding is synonymous as "Living." In this lectures we deal with topic and concepts in the environmental psychology for our "Living" through the woks of Miyazaki Hayao.
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