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Religions in East Asia (Specialized Lecture III)
Religions in East Asia (Specialized Lecture III)
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Special full-time professor, Kassui Women's University ARAKI Ryutaro
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2018 FallTerm
weekly Fri5
Ito Classroom
JȖ ({, {)
Course Overview The aim of this course is to understand the meaning of gliangzhi xiancheng,h or gthe emergence of innate knowledge,h according to Wang Yangming. This concept will be compared to innate knowledge according to Jiangyou Wangmen, who emphasized that innate knowledge would not emerge. This course will also discern the aspects of those two lines of thinking with a focus on the concept of gliangzhi xiancheng.h In addition, the meaning of ginnatenessh in Song and Ming dynasty thought will also be discussed.
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