Graduate School of Humanities Department of Languages and Literature Western Literature Field
English Linguistics & Literature Speciality
(Credit 2)

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English Literature (Specialized Lecture VIII)
English Literature (Specialized Lecture VIII)
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Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo ALVI Nahoko
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2018 SpringTerm
Ito Classroom
E/J科目 (日本語, English)
Course Overview This course provides an in-depth examination of specific aspects of British Romanticism. We will place a particular focus on poems, and consider how literary works are rooted in the political, historical and cultural contexts of the age. Each class will consist of three parts. The first part is a brief lecture that will introduce the topic of the class. The second part will be a short presentation by one of the students, who will raise some points for discussion based on his/her reading of the work(s) to be discussed. The last part of the class will consist of a classroom discussion. Preparation sheets are required to be submitted at the end of the class.
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