School of Letters Department of Humanities History and Geography Course
Korean History Major
Major (Credit 2)

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Korean Culture (Lecture VI)
Korean Culture (Lecture VI)
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Professor, Kanazawa University FURUHATA Toru
Numbering Code: LET-HUM4372J
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2019 SpringTerm
Ito Classroom
J科目 (日本語, 日本語)
Course Overview Last year, I published the general book "What is Balhae country" about Pal-hae/Bo-hai country (698 - 926). This book was designed to depict Pal-hae/Bo-hai country as a nation with multiple faces and historical significance in a pluralistic world beyond the controversy over how to draw Pal-hae/Bo-hai country as a national history is there. While reading along with the students about this book, supplementing what kind of research situation the concept was conceived under, what type of trial and error was born, thinking whether the attempt was successful or not To go. Among them, we plan to incorporate active learning methods in which students discuss each other. Ultimately ask students to write a review.
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