School of Letters Department of Humanities Literature Course
English Linguistics & Literature Major
Major (Credit 2)

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English Composition II
English Composition II
Sub Title  English Composition 2
外国人教師 Edmundo Cruz LUNA
Numbering Code: LET-HUM3592E
Course Code: 19054902
2019 FallTerm
weekly Thu5
Ito Classroom
E科目 (English, English)
Course Overview This course is specially designed for advanced students of English composition, where the focus will be on higher-level skills pertaining to academic writing - as well as reading. In this course, you will learn how to formulate and develop a thesis; to develop structurally- and rhetorically-sound essays in a short period; to use various logical and rhetorical strategies in order to enhance written arguments; as well as how to use higher-level written idiomatic language prevalent in academic writing.
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