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Introduction to Comparative Religions I
Introduction to Comparative Religions I
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Associate Professor IIJIMA Shuuji
Numbering Code: LET-HUM2704J
Course Code: 19052106
2019 SpringTerm
weekly Tue2
Ito Classroom
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Course Overview In this series of lectures, topics we picked up were hPast and Present of Stury of Religionsh,hEastern Religions and Western Religionsh,Religions in Kyushu Islandsh,hPolitics and Educations of Religionsh,and hPursuit of Wellness in Religionsh. In this year, I try to pick up themes which were left behind.Those themes are "disaster and religions","the death and relisions","economy and religions", and "exchanges of lives".Every time I share some facts of those themes and show how the study of religions have interpreted those facts.
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