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Professor NAKAMURA Tomoyasu
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Course Code: 19072015
2019 SpringTerm
weekly Tue4
Ito Classroom
E/J科目 (日本語, English)
Course Overview Environment-Behavior Studies and Environmental Design

The problem of "Environment-Behavior Studies" regards such situation when we wonder which seat to sit in the subway. Even though we do not know exactly what are the behavioral principles about where to sit we chose particular positions according to our habitual ways: this may not be conscious rules and in most cases implicit way of behaving in such particular environmental settings. We only notice when such assumed "rules" are violated.
Environment-Behavior Studies focus on regulative principles working between actors (human-being and animals) and their surrounding environment, and utilize the knowledge gained through observation in the actual designing of our physical environment including its layout and place settings.
The basic assumption of this inter-disciplinary studies is that we humans are designing our surroundings by choosing or not-choosing and using or not-using particular environments in particular ways. Human agents are natural designer in this respect.
This seminar deal with basic concepts and methods in the field of Environment-Behavior Studies by actually conducting research activities inside or outside of classrooms, This is the application of Learning by Doing.
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