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Psychology Major
Major (Credit 2)

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Professor NAKAMURA Tomoyasu
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Course Code: 19071056
2019 FallTerm
weekly Mon5
Ito Classroom
J科目 (日本語, 日本語)
Course Overview In this seminar, I prepare some structures or exercises to experience human relationships. Based on the history, concepts, aims, limitations of psychotherapy/counseling, we can learn real communication through these exercises and works. Basic human relationships can be a solid foundation for progressive counseling attitudes. There are many kinds of exercises created in the fields of existential and experiential counseling, such as Gestalt therapy, Sensitivity Training, T-group, and Structured Encounter Group. These structures themselves are not enough to experience real human relationships. You need to devote yourself to actual relationship to grow on your flexibility and powerful communication attitude. I also notice you to understand the risk of communication, such as privacy issues. In addition, you can learn how we apply these skills for psychological support for clients and their family, as well as visiting support, community approach.
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