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Comparative Religions Major
Major (Credit 2)

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Comparative Religions (Lecture III)
Comparative Religions (Lecture III)
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Assistant Professor TAKAHASHI Sanami
Numbering Code: LET-HUM2813J
Course Code: 19054216
2019 SpringTerm
weekly Thu2
Ito Classroom
J科目 (日本語, 日本語)
Course Overview We will think about what is religion in this lecture. From the perspective of religious studies, we will review not only major and familiar issues, such as poverty, minority, and psychological disorders, but also military conflicts on a global scale. Religious studies do not always mean to learn the history of a certain religion. Today scholars are exploring customs, rituals, collective identities, and world views, which have closely related to religion. In this lecture, we study various functions and problems of religion. I hope the lecture will help you to improve your religious literacy, in order to respect various religious value.
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