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Major (Credit 2)

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Methods of Sociological Research (Lecture)
Methods of Sociological Research (Lecture)
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Professor ADACHI Kiyoshi
Numbering Code: LET-HUM2855J
Course Code: 19051709
2019 FallTerm
weekly Mon3
Ito Classroom
E/J科目 (日本語, English)
Course Overview n this lecture, we will give lectures on social research methods.
1 What is a social survey
2 Genealogy of social research
3 Types of social surveys: Qualitative and quantitative surveys, case study methods and statistical methods
4 Relationship between theory and research Deduction and induction, universalization recognition and individualization recognition
5 How to decide the survey problem and construct hypotheses Variables, conceptual composition, operational definition, propositional composition, empirical generalization
6 Making of questionnaire (1) How to make question sentence Wording of operation concept
Preparation of 7 questionnaires (2) Basic variables Answer and coding
8 Sample Design Population and Samples and Strategic Comparison
9 Hypothesis-verified search logic Cross-table analysis, quantitative data and statistical tests, mean difference test, correlation coefficient, etc.
10 Logic of survey based on actual condition observation records, interviews, categorization, formal theory and actual condition theory
11 Ethics of social research Personal information protection and privacy
12 Actual example of social survey (1) Census, public opinion poll
13 Practical example of social survey (2) Social hierarchy and social mobility survey
14 Practical example of social research (3) Sociology of youth theory
15 Social Survey and Practice Aiming for Better Social Survey
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