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Sociology Major
Major (Credit 2)

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Sociology of Community Welfare (Seminar VI)
Sociology of Community Welfare (Seminar VI)
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Professor ADACHI Kiyoshi
Numbering Code: LET-HUM3882J
Course Code: 19051110
2019 SpringTerm
weekly Mon2
Ito Classroom
E/J科目 (日本語, English)
Course Overview Community welfare sociology exercises VI and VII are exercises that are operated in an integrated manner, and in principle, students should attend continuously. In III, we provide the problem raising and "materials to think". This year's text uses the new "Sociology History" of Osawa Masaki. While tracing the history of sociology, we will consider what sociology is.
Community Welfare Sociology VII, writing thesis is the main theme. Understanding what is a dissertation and what it means to write a dissertation, using "Science Composition Technology" as a text, Noguchi Akio's "Super text method" and Shimizu Ikutaro's "How to write a dissertation" Aim to be a breakthrough that goes beyond what is written.
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