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Lectures on Journalism II
Lectures on Journalism II
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Supervisory Center, West Area Head Office, The Asahi Shimbun OMORI Sadayoshi
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Course Code: 19053807
2019 FallTerm
weekly Wed4
Ito Classroom
J科目 (日本語, 日本語)
Course Overview Even with an overflow of information in the Internet age, newspapers continue to play a central role in journalism.
Through their lectures and from their different perspectives, current and retired reporters from The Asahi Shimbun will analyze the role and function of newspapers, and journalism in general, in society.
The functions of differing media will also be highlighted by looking at reporting by digital and broadcasting companies as well as how they transmit information.
Students taking the course will acquire hints for more fully comprehending the news reports they encounter on a daily basis.
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