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History of Islamic Civilization Speciality
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Cultural History of Islam (Specialized Lecture III)
Cultural History of Islam (Specialized Lecture III)
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OZAWA Ichiro
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2019 SpringTerm
Ito Classroom
J科目 (日本語, 日本語)
Course Overview This lecture examines the history of modern Iran from the viewpoint of "new" military history, which has come to encompass not only traditional topics such as the structure of military powers, strategies and tactics, wars and other military conflicts, etc., but also new themes including relation between military and society, military training and human body, and the media in wartime. After introducing these new trends to students, this lecture traces the historical development of Iran from the Safavid period (ca. 1500-1722) until the Islamic Revolution according to the following three viewpoints: 1) military and the state; 2) the relation between military and the Iranian society; and 3) external influences on the Iranian military. In addition, the Iranian case will be compared with those of the Ottoman Empire and Japan. This lecture aims not only to provide students with a new perspective of modern history, but also to invite them to a deeper understanding of the contemporary world, by transcending modern western values through the examination of the military history of modern Iran.
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