Graduate School of Humanities Department of Languages and Literature Western Literature Field
French Literature Speciality
(Credit 2)

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French Contemporary Literature (Seminar III)
French Contemporary Literature (Seminar III)
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Visiting Lecturer Charlene CLONTS
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2019 SpringTerm
weekly Mon4
Ito Classroom
M‰È–Ú (French, French)
Course Overview The 20th century gnew theatreh and its development. We will analyze texts and scenography by Jarry, Maeterlink, Beckett, Ionesco, Sartre and Claudel. We will also take into consideration the criticism by Artaud in his Theatre of Cruelty, Brechtfs distance or Ionescofs Notes. We shall also focus on its continuations, especially through forms of performance. We shall endeavor to show the interpenetration of arts on stage.
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