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About the Department of History and Geography

HOMEMajor fields of studyAbout the Department of History and Geography

1. Educational philosophy

The Department of History and Geography aims to cultivate people who can provide knowledge that is indispensable for international exchange and mutual understanding through specialized research regarding societies – an overall picture that includes economics, politics, and culture – that differ according to historical and geographical conditions. Students complete the master's and doctoral courses by completing the prescribed amount of credits and writing a thesis.

2. Educational program

This department is divided into seven specialties: Japanese History, Asian History, Korean History, Archaeology, Western History, History of Islamic Civilization, and Geography. The master's course also includes the History Core Division Course, a cross-field educational curriculum. Students choose one of these specializations and conduct their research under the guidance of one advisor and several sub-advisors. Master's course students must earn a total of thirty or more credits, including two credits of thesis guidance, and also complete a master's thesis. Doctoral course students must earn four credits of thesis guidance and must finish their doctoral dissertation to complete the course. Students in the History Core Division Course must earn four or more credits from the prescribed related subjects.

3. Student qualities

This department aims to thoroughly understand the origins of modern society through investigation into society's temporal and spatial diversity. Specifically, students must possess the ability to empirically and theoretically explain the characteristics of society in a specific area and region through gathering and analyzing historical materials. We hope that this process will cultivate the sense to recognize the diverse nature of the human spirit, logic, and the ability to think.

4. Basic admissions policy

When selecting students for admission, our basic policy is to select potential scholars who are in tune with the educational philosophy of the department. For this purpose, we ask students to submit a thesis or research plan and ensure that they have the necessary expertise and language skill for a given specialty, including an oral examination.