School of Letters, Graduate school of Humanities, Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University

About the Department of Linguistics and Literature

HOMEMajor fields of studyAbout the Department of Linguistics and Literature

1. Educational philosophy

The goal of this department is to thoroughly investigate diverse elements of linguistics and literature. Through such research, it also aims to produce graduates who are capable of considering the roots of various problems that we face in modern society. Students complete the master’s and doctoral courses by completing the prescribed amount of credits and writing a thesis.

2. Educational program

The Department of Linguistics and Literature is divided up into six specializations: Japanese Language and Literature, Chinese Literature, English Language and Literature, German Literature, French Literature, and Linguistics. Students choose one of these specializations and conduct their research under the guidance of one advisor and several sub-advisors. Master’s course students must earn a total of thirty or more credits, including two credits of thesis guidance, and also complete a master’s thesis. Doctoral course students must earn four credits of thesis guidance and must finish their doctoral dissertation to complete the course.

3. Student qualities

This department carries out unique research on language, humanity’s most basic type of wisdom, and therefore students should have the ability to interrogate foundational concepts. For this purpose, students must above all have the skill to closely and accurately read and understand the classic works of the past, as well as modern linguistic phenomena.

4. Basic admissions policy

When selecting students for admission, our basic policy is to select people who are in tune with the educational philosophy of the department. For this purpose, we ask students to submit a thesis or research plan and ensure that they have the necessary expertise and language skill for a given specialty, including an oral examination.