International Education and Research Hub
for the Humanities
Kyushu University

Creating a new "Globalized Japan Studies"
by connecting the Japan Studies of the West and Asia

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  1. 2021.03.29

    Launch of this website.



This international education and research hub consists of three pillars: the International Research Center for Humanities, the International Master's Program/International Doctorate (IMAP/IDOC) in Japanese Humanities, and a collaboration with JICA. With these pillars we are aiming to bridge the gap between the domestic Japan studies of Japan and international Japan studies. By combining the best of both fields we seek to create a new framework that will clear the way for a new form of research and education in Japan studies that will be on par with those of the top class universities of the world.



With the International Research Center for Humanities as the core facility, our researchers in all related fields of Japan studies meet on a daily basis to discuss and coordinate research activities, and to engage in collaborations with the world's top 100 universities. The results of these collaborations are presented at international symposia, workshops, and conferences.


  • すぐれた外国人教員スタッフを配置し、広人文学講座及びJICAとの提携を中心に教育と人材育成にあたります。欧米、アジア、日本のそれぞれの価値観・バックグラウンドを認識し、直面する課題について理解するとともに、新たな人文学的知の創造に寄与していく能力を養成します。
  • Education is conducted by our excellent teaching staff at the IMAP/IDOC and the JICA collaboration program. It aims to train specialists that can recognize the different values and backgrounds of the West, Japan, and the rest of Asia by providing them with a broad and well founded understanding of Japan in an international context.
  • 平成30年度に開設された本学の共創学部や文系4学部横断型副専攻プログラムとの連携も踏まえつつ、国際コース、広人文学コースの学生には英語を主とする授業・指導を実施します。日本の文化・歴史・社会について国際的に発信し、正しい日本理解を世界に広めることができる能力を養成します。
  • Through cooperation with the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation, established in 2018, the Sub-major Program for Humanities and Social Sciences, the International Course at the School of Letters, and the IMAP/IDOC in Japanese Humanities we are providing a broad variety of classes given in English. These classes provide broad knowledge about the culture, history, and society of Japan, and enable students to spread accurate knowledge about Japan throughout the world.