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(学部)文学部 人文学科 人間科学コース 地理学専門分野
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 Welcome to the Department of Geography, Kyushu University.
 Geography has been taught at faculty of Letters for about thirty years. The department is part of the curricula of Human Science (Linguistic, Psychology, Sociology, Religion). There are currently two members of staff within department. The major research and teaching fields are history and theory of geography, social theory and space, political geography and urban studies. At other faculties there are some members of staff who research and teach economic geography, cultural geography, and spatial and environmental analysis (GIS). Invited lecturers offer some topics:geomorophology, regional geography, historical geography and so on. The department offer a teaching program to BA, MA and Ph.D students. Geography students will find opportunities to develop geographical specializations and research skills that help us to understand global and local issues.


Department of Geography,
School of Letters / Graduate School of Humanities / Faculty of Humanities,
Kyushu University.

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